Web Design

Here is our step-by-step process to getting your website started & completed:

1. Dig-in.

At Last Campfire, the first part of our development is doing research & strategy. You have to ask yourself important questions like who is the ideal customer? What is your competition doing? How do you stand out from that competition? And what are your strategies for using the website effectively once it’s up and running? Many people are tempted to skip this first step and just jump in and start designing / producing, but you can hit the mark much faster and in more sustainable ways if you put in the work at Step #1.

2. Design.

The next key is to design according to your market. We work hard to incorporate the ideas and strategies based on Step #1 so your design options are on target. Your feedback is given in a fashion that allows for changes so you are confident of the end result. We will make sure that your website is SEO-friendly, along with being stylish & a proper representation of your company.

3. Produce.

For a website project, this means programming and interface development.  This is the most lengthy piece of the project and incorporates all the knowledge and concepts derived from the previous stages. This is where our designers bust out the caffeine and code books and put our skills to work for you.

4. Deploy.

It’s time to Go Live!. Assigning employees and management to help keep your presence strong and fresh is another step in deployment. Update your website, address the feedback and comments, and harvest the sales! We want to make sure your site does what it was meant to do, and we help you accomplish that with analytics and statistics to track just how your customers use your new site. We also offer Social Media Management strategies and email campaigns to drive even more traffic.